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Hi Steve, first off, I want to thank you for taking the time to create this machine. After 20+ years of working out with the various equipment available, this machine has made me stronger and far more balanced than I have ever been using multitudes of other workout equipment/routines. I was introduced to the impulse power system by a physical therapist in Woodland, California who had one at his office. I was rehabbing a partially torn rotator cuff including labrum. With graston therapy and regular use with the impulse machine I came back feeling stronger than ever before. I added several MPH to my fastball and felt better playing the infield late into the game. It's too bad I found out about the impulse machine at age 28 instead of 18...!!! Either way, I am happy to have been exposed to to it, as I now own 2 machines. I complete the star5 workout 5 times per week. I do variations of the exercises to give my workout a complete feel. Since using the impulse power system machine, I have better balance mountain biking, more stamina hiking, more strength in day to day life and I feel all around healthier. Despite having played college and professional baseball, I feel for the first time like I am working out properly, in a sustainable way that will lead to longevity and health later on in life. Great investment, as this will continously be a part of my life. Money well spent. My fiance makes fun of me because of how much I talk about it. Just being honest.

To my questions;

-what exercises do you recommend to do with the bilateral rope assembly?

-when doing sets of the star5 workout with decreasing weight(7.5lbs/5/2.5/sled), is it best to:
(i) complete an exercise and repeat it immediately after changing the weight?
(ii) complete the row of exercises in the pulley position, change the weight and repeat?
(iii) complete the entire star5 workout, change the weight and repeat?

-is there any other source for information on workouts for the impulse trainer?

Thanks so much Steve...

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web site got hacked last year and just now have put enough together to see your pose...sorry.
the star v 5 was designed for use with 7.5 lbs on the sled: 
with lighter weights use the 30 sec rule for each set

with bilateral rope assembly do flies and reverse flies and leaps...see vid on far right

other work our programs; 

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