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You've mentioned the relationship between the knee and the shoulder in throwing, could you elaborate.  I've heard you say that the knee gives out before the shoulder breaks down, and how training with the Impulse trains knee stablility and protects the shoulder. 

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in batting or throwing, all the energy that ultimately goes into the ball comes from the ground...where the opposite and equal reaction forces to the forces you generate in your body reside.  an unstable knee prevents the ankle and hip from channeling these forces effeciently, creates an unstable core, and ultimately an unstable shoulder. while i can't say for certain the knee breaks down first, it does seem to me to be the case...the development of bad core posture (the scapula of the shoulder being part of the core) would certainly lead to knee instability.   but because of the linkage, from foot to hand, the shoulder or elbow will (in the vast majority of cases) develop injury before the knee ever becomes so.

this is why stance in STAR is the first component of a stable training program.   our narrow stance exercises challange balance.  that is balance while exerting acceleration forces.  this requires first knee then ankle/hip stability to channel the ground forces into the core where with balance the upper core can productively work with it.   by productively i mean safely exert huge forces in extremely short periods of time.   without a firm foundation (lower extremities) the upper structure will ultimately fail to perform and self destruct. 

Hope this helps
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