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Why do you think that unlike other athletic achievements ( track and field, swimming, weightlifting, etc.) that throwing velocities haven't really gone much beyond levels seen by the elite throwers of decades past?  What would it take to go to "Usain Bolt"-like levels of throwing velocity, if it's even achievable?


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Nice question,  
Assuming you are directing this at baseball.  Get your mind out of the current training culture for the task at hand.   Fast is not everything...  ie. Steve Dalkowski possibly the fastest pitcher ever...and the wildest.   Got him and his teams nothing.   Accuracy, endurance, and control with sufficient speed is where games are won by pitchers.   Nolan Ryan liked his fastballs. He, like Dalkowski had a very high walking statistic.   But a guy like Pedro Martinez is not fast like Steve or Nolan, but he is fast(well he was fast).  He banks his performance on accuracy and his mixed bag ...curve ball, change up, slider...etc.
What I'm saying is the next "Usain Bolt" type pitcher will be fast enough for the strike and will be dependably accurate as well as having an arsenal of accurate special effects.  The last contemporary guy like that was Greg Maddux. he once said "It's not your arm that makes you a great pitcher. It's that thing between both of your ears we call a brain."
Sprinting is a young mans game and they age out quickly.  the same can be said for the effective fast ball pitcher.  if a new Ryan shows up with low walking stats don't expect his fast ball life span to be a long one. But with a dependable accurate bag of special effects he will go a long way.

To answer your first question. Age, longevity and the restricted mechanics of the mound restrict ball speed to its present levels ( Dalkowski was estimated by some - before the gun was invented- to throw 115 and he is the exception to the rule).  The exceptional pitchers of the future will be kinda fast (90-93) every once and a while but exceptionally versatile and possess uncanny accuracy...and know when to throw what. 
Build a sound dependable performance body with a good eye and train the brain to control it...that man will break world records.
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