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Started a 10 year old female soccer player on the Star program but parents want to know if their are any specific exercises to help with discomfort for left knee osgood schlatterin addition to Star warm-up and Star.  Thanks 
Bruce Minthorne

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greetings bgdmmint,

Yes there are exercises for Osgood Schlatter. Has she been diagnosed with this?  It is uncommon for girls of this age.  

Use the kick exercise on the STARv5 program (<<that's a link to the program)...or the kick exercise on the original STAR Program (go here and click on the knee position...its the first exercise)  but use the active phasic technique as described here (scroll down mid page) with 17.5 pounds on the sled.   Do 20 reps then rest a minute or a little longer and do 20 more reps.   Do this with the painful knee as the active knee.  If she is wearing a knee sleeve be sure to remove it before doing the exercise...including the STARv5 workout.

The activity should be a gentle catch...nothing aggressive. Two sets should relieve the pain. Take a small break if the pain is relieved then do the STARv5 workout.

Let me know how it works out

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