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Steve, I have two questions re: my C 4/5, and L5/SI issues:

1. I have been doing the exercises that you suggested for a couple of days
(repeat 10 times/4 x day) and have already noticed some improvement to my right arm/leg weakness.
However, my right arm & leg is dramatically weaker than the left (really wobbly and shaky when performing the exercises). Should I be doing more reps on the right side than the left or simply wait for the right side to catch up?  I know that it is standard practice to bilaterally repeat the same number of stretches but the right arm/leg is way weaker than the left.

2. I told my massage therapist about the exercises (I have been seeing her for over two years, several times a month).  She wants to know if there are any particular types of massage techniques you would suggest, i.e., deep tissue, myofacial, trigger points, acupressure, hot stones, etc., and which muscles/groups to concentrate on.  Also what about acupuncture?

Thanks so much!


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sorry for the delayed response..out of town and lap top broken

these exercises are for developing your neural system ...not muscle.  Just keep doing the exercises as prescribed and lets see how things are in, say, three weeks.

as far as massage...myofacial for the extremities and acupressure with particular attention to ear, hand and foot points. Does your therapist use essential oils with massage?  for instance ...ylang ylang or peppermint or lavender can enhance the healing experience.  that's an essential oil not a skin cream.

Acupressure and or reflexology are not as well practiced in the US as in other countries so be sure your therapist knows whats going on here.   
some links:



hope this helps
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