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What is difference between left and right hand hp models?


Can one use just the right handed model for the stabilization program?  What limitations would one have by not having the left and right hand models?



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Greetings Techbasketball

The right hand and left hand models were designed to use as a pair.  that is one athlete could be exercising on the right hand while another could use the left.
additionally one athlete could use both machines at the same time...say for training bilateral energy transfer as in running and sprinting, striking as in football, or bilateral core for scaps as in swimming.  

Wecall this configuration the Impulse DHP as in Dual High Performance.

Each machine can be used independently for our stabilization program or anaerobic training program. 

if your facility hasn't the floor space for a Dual a single will serve you very well.   Imagine you're facing the back wall of your gym.  The corner on your left would take a left hand model while the corner on your right would take a right hand.

By having only one model (not a dual) you can't achieve the equivelent power one would from a Dual.  Operating two machines simultenaeously consumes twice the energy of one.
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